STUCK AT HOME? 5 Surprising Simple Recycled Crafts that Are a Guaranteed Hit!

  1. Box Village
  2. Recycled T-shirt Pillow Friend
  3. Cereal Box Stuffed Friend
  4. In Door Mini Sandbox
  5. Recycled Magazine Ornaments

    These days we are constantly trying to find new things for our kids to do besides sit on electronics.  In fact, in a recent study sited by Fast Company Magazine, 75% of children under age 8 use mobile devices.  That means mom and dad, that you will be trying even harder to get your younger and younger children off these devices! 


    What happened to playing with blocks and sticks in the backyard or digging in the sandpile with spoons and buckets.  It is worrisome that our kids today are missing that tactile feeling of handling all sorts of materials, and making something cool out of these inanimate classic objects?


    This is why, as an artist, educator and mom I am going to share my 5 BEST Crafts Ideas that your kids will LOVE and will not cause a headache for you to spearhead! 


     The Box Village

    Remember when you had your first child and you were so excited to give them that big plastic musical thing for Christmas or birthday?  Your sweet baby opens up what you think will be awe-inspiring!  Only to have the box it came in become the favorite thing!  The Box Village is based on this inspiration and works for older kids as well!

    This is what you do: 

    1. Thanks to 2 forces, curbside recycling and Amazon, procuring jumbo boxes have become a breeze. Your mission, when you are out and about, grab some of these boxes.  Bring them home, deconstruct them to their flat selves and store them anywhere-under the couch, behind a headboard, behind the fridge.  You get the idea?  Easy peasy storage, free and reusing! 
    2. Pick up $3 shipping tape roll at your local store and a package of fat kids markers.
    3. Now for the most important part- the "SET UP". This is especially important with older kids.  Do not make a big production of pulling out the boxes and setting them up.  Say nothing. Put together one large box in the center of the TV room (as inspiration) and leave the rest of the boxes, tape and markers on the floor. Do this before your kids are in the room. 
    4. This distinction is important for older kids for a very important reason.  Not having mommy spearhead a craft event causes them to initiate discovery to of something unusual in their environment.  Watch the creative initiation and construction from the other room and witness how proud your kids of all ages are to make something out of a classic object!

    Up tomorrow - #2!

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