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Recycled T-Shirt Pillow Friend

Anyone who knows me knows I love teaching kids of all ages how to sew a stitch.  Its still a life skill.  Even in the day of fast fashion, if you rip a hole in your favorite shirt or lose a button, someone needs to repair it?!

All you Need for this Craft:

Old Kids T-Shirt

Piece of white and black felt with sticky back craft store

Stuffing- From an old pillow or you can buy it at a craft store for a few dollars.

Scissors, needle and thread and craft glue, fabric markers.

  1. Have your child cut the sleeves off the tshirt .
  2. Turn the tshirt inside out. Stitch the bottom of the tshirt closed and the 2 arm holes as well.
  3. Turn the t-shirt right side out and stuff with stuffing through the open neck. Stitch the neck closed.
  4. Create a face: Eyes can be created with many expressions using white and black sticky back felt sheets.  Simply cut round circles out of the white and peel the back off and stick to the pillow.  Repeat with the black felt for eye center.  Decorate with fabric markers!

Inexpensive and reusing old stuffing and old tshirts are keeping them from a landfill!


I am including the link to this fantastic website where you can see more info. about this idea!!  

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